Thursday, 26 September 2013

Burst Pipes - Finding the Source of the Leak

When copper pipes are run in concrete without lagging or covering over them properly, the pipes can sometimes split. Copper is a material that expands and contracts when heated. Pipes that are run in concrete can split, as the pipe cannot move when the copper naturally tries to expand
There are companies that specialise in locating the pipe work and leaks, but they should be used in conjunction with a plumber who is experienced in burst pipes. The pipe locators are not always licensed plumbers and will not repair any leaks. It is important that the plumber who is going to repair the leak is present when the pipe locating company is performing their work. Finding the leak is part of the first part of the job and repairing or re-running the pipe is the second part. If a thorough tracing of the pipes is not completed and a re-run is required, this could result in water being shut off to parts of the house or building for a longer period of time than is required.
Some plumbers may have the equipment to trace copper pipes but unless they are using the equipment on a regular basis, it is better to use a company that specialises in this type of work as they can solve the issues much faster and will save you money in the process.
If you have a leaking pipe, ask these questions when calling a plumber:
1. Have you had any experience in tracing leaks?
2. Do you have the correct pressure testing equipment?
3. Do you have the required pipe-locating equipment or use a specialised leak detection company?
Many homes and units that have been built in the last 15 years do not have copper pipes for hot and cold water supply. This makes the pipe locating process much more difficult. These pipes are a plastic poly butaleen and cannot be traced as easily as copper pipes. The plastic hot pipe can be traced using an infrared tool. When the pipe becomes hot by running hot water through it the infrared will show up on the pipe monitor. To find a leak in plastic cold water pipes, you need to connect it to the hot water system. Once hot water is running through the pipe, the leak will show up on the infrared monitor.
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Friday, 20 September 2013

Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber Melbourne

Emergency Plumber Melboune
Regardless of the time of day, if you need an emergency plumber, Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing is here to serve you. Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7. Any time. Any day. We understand that plumber emergency’s happen when you least expect it. Importantly, we provide emergency plumbers to you when-ever the need arises.
We know how to handle a plumbing emergency. We we have years of experience in taking care of customers. We know how to diagnose a problem quickly. Our 24 hour emergency plumbers have the experience to take care of your problem quickly.We do not make you wait hours for an emergency plumber. We guarantee that we will have an emergency plumber at your home quickly!
A plumbing emergency does not mean a quick fix that will need more repair work later. We know that the last thing you want to do after we leave is make another appointment to finish your emergency plumbing job. That is why we make sure that every 24 hour plumber  we send out is equipped with the most common parts available. If we do need to order a part, then we get it fast and put a temporary solution in place.

Emergency Plumber Services

We do all types of emergency work including:
  • Drain blockages
  • Drain camera analysis
  • Hot water systems
  • Gas Fittings
  • Taps
  • General plumbing services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Roofs & Gutters
  • Leaks & burst pipes
  • Emergencies
  • Household & Commercial Plumbing
  • Much more
Not sure if Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing does what you are after? Call us on 1300 931 384. One of our friendly plumbers will be sure to answer your questions on the phone.
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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Water Damage Caused By Leaking Pipes

Water damage can vary significantly from a small amount of wood warping or swelling cabinets to more serious damage like buckling of floorboards and damaged walls.
Small drips of water can cause slow damage in a specific spot It is important that you locate the leak early enough so the damage can be limited.  A plumber Melbourne will be able to assist you locating the leak. Unfortunately small leaks usually only happen while water is in use and stop when its tuned off. Taps usually only leak when water is running through them. This makes the leaks can very hard to detect.  You might notice a wet spot but it will eventually dry out. You might even open and close a bathroom or kitchen cupboard door many times before noticing any damp or wet patches
Water leaks that occur from drainage pipes supplying your home with water have water flowing into them constantly so the leaking will be constant.  This is great as it makes it easier for a plumber Melbourne to locate the leak.  Importantly, with any leaking pipes the sooner they are repaired the less damage they are likely to cause, thus saving you money
Below are a few prevention tips to avoid water leak damage to your home:
  • Check the water supply lines and pipes to major appliances for wetness, bulging hoses or other signs of deterioration. For example, your dishwasher or your washing machine. A plumber Melbourne can assist you with this.
  • Unclog the drain if pipes are draining slowly and check pipes under the sink for signs of water leaks. You might need a plumber Melbourne to help you unblock the drain.
  • To reduce leaks and avoid major repairs, replace your hot water system every 8 – 12 years. A plumber Melbourne will be required to help you install a new hot water system.
  • Have your home’s air conditioning system serviced annually to avoid leaks and major repairs. This will save you money in the long run.
  • Regularly check for wet patches on walls or in gardens after dry weather months. A plumber Melbourne  can provide assistance with this.
  • Place food dye in the toilet cistern to check for leaks in the toilet. This works really well to locate leaks.
  • Ensure all your appliances are turned off such as taps, toilets are not dripping; washing machine or dishwashers and other appliances are not running.  After you have turned everything off, check if your water meter is ticking over.  If the water meter continues to tick over, it means there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.
If you suspect a water leak in your home, it is highly recommended that you call a plumber Melbourne  immediately.
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Friday, 13 September 2013

Leaking Tap Advice You Cant Ignore

Tools and materials
The tools and materials you need to change a washer are available from hardware or plumbing supply stores. You will require: adjustable spanner to fit tap nut Valve or tap washer Body washer O-ring Silicon lubricant or Vaseline Needle nose pliers

1. Turn off the water mains: this stops all water flowing into your house. The tap & water meter for homes will probably be out on the street or in your front yard adjacent to the street. If you live in a flat or townhouse the mains tap will probably be inside, for example in the bathroom or a cupboard. Turn on a tap in or around the house to make sure that the water has ceased to run. (If the water has not stopped running, it will be necessary to call a professional plumber). If the mains tap has not been used for many years, you may need a pair of multigrips to help turn it off.  Ensure you need to know where the mains tap is to be able to turn the water off in an emergency. If you are not sure where it is, even if you don't need to change a washer, find out now!

2. Undo the head nut: once the mains water has been turned off, undo the head nut on the leaking tap.

3. Replace the washers: you could just replace the tap washer, but it is a good idea to replace all three washers at the same time. These are: The large washer around the head nut, which is called the body washer (usually orange in colour). It should lift off quite easily. The O-ring on the spindle. To change the O-ring, you need to fully close the tap until the O-ring appears. Then, with a pair of needle nose pliers (or a screwdriver or a sharp knife), prise or cut it off. The new O-ring should easily stretch and roll on to the spindle.
Lastly, replace the tap washer. It may simply slide out of the spindle or stay sitting in the body of the tap, in which case you will need a pair of small pliers to remove the washer.

4. Reassemble: first ensure the spindle and the threaded areas are lubricated with a silicon lubricant or Vaseline.

5. Turn the mains back on: once the tap is reassembled, open it half way and then turn on the mains. When turning the tap off after the washer has been replaced, use gentle finger pressure. Over-tightening will cause a lot of damage to the tap seat. A tap should only be tightened until the water flow stops, no further. (Note: If the tap is still leaking after you have replaced the washer, it means the seat is "pitted" and you will need a plumber to regrind the seat for you.

Further information
Most of inside taps take 12mm (1/2") washers; while outside taps (garden taps) take 3/4" (18mm). Washers cost around $2.00 to $3.00 each. The most popular washer (used by most plumbers) is a heavy-duty washer suitable for hot and cold taps, with a copper base and a yellow top (Delaware valve) – approximately $3.00 each. This same type of washer is good for outside garden taps - 18mm costs approximately $3.00 each.
If your taps are very old, take the worn-out washer to the hardware or plumbers' supply store so that you get the right washer for your tap.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Choosing a Professional Plumber Melbourne

People contact plumber Melbourne services for a lot of different reasons and issues they face in their homes. When should you call a plumber Melbourne? There are a lot of things that can go wrong with the plumbing system in your home or office and a plumber Melbourne is the perfect and adequate choice for fixing problems like this. Moreover, Melbourne plumber’s setup and install needed equipment for the proper functioning of natural gas, water, and waste systems. The most common issues that can force you to call a plumber include leaking fixtures in a sink and bath faucets, building pipes, foul smell from septic tank problems, and leaking fixtures.

You need a plumber Melbourne if you want to have new piping or fixtures installed and maintained. A plumber can do anything for you as long as it is related with the flow of water and piping in your office, home, or building. Additionally, you will require the services of a plumber Melbourne if you need to have your venting or heating system fixed, installed, or maintained.

Nowadays, finding a reliable plumber is not easy. Yes, there may be many plumbing businesses in your area but you need to find the best one to handle even the smallest toilet problems. If you need to call a plumber arises, it is best for you to make sure that you know who to call or what plumbing service to contact.

A Leaking tap and a blocked drain are home emergencies. A homeowner needs to a have plumber Melbourne to contact immediately for a plumber emergency. You can look for your regular plumber Melbourne by asking for recommendations from friends and family, looking at internet directories, google, yahoo, bing, and scanning your local paper. Your local hardware store may also know a few recommendable plumbers near you home. When you have found your ideal plumber Melbourne, take time to check him or her out. Take caution in choosing the right person you invite into your home to fix issues. Ensure that you hire someone who has a license and who has had adequate plumbing background or experience. If you are going to trust someone to fix your plumbing system it, ensure it is someone who has the best skills and a good reputation.

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Friday, 6 September 2013

Requirements To Using An Emergency Plumber

Requirements To Using An Emergency Plumber

Unfortunately, the stress and urgency of a plumbing emergency leads many homeowners to make quick, hasty decisions about whom they hire to fix their problem resulting in less than desirable outcomes. While you may get lucky just hiring the first person in the phone book or the first result that appears on an Internet search engine, you could also end up entrusting your plumbing to someone who will cause more harm than good or leave you with additional hassles and stress resulting in more expenses.
Even though you need your plumbing emergency handled quickly, it’s important to still be choosy and fussy about your plumber. By following these tips, you can ensure that the plumber you select is a trusted professional and that you’ll receive the best service possible to the homeowner.
Who answers takes the call? If you call an emergency plumber and receive an answering machine, be sceptical. A true professional emergency plumbing service should greet you with a live person no matter what time of day it is. Having a live person answer shows that the company cares about service and that they want to help you as quickly and professionally as possible. Additionally, while some plumbers may check their answering machine messages frequently, you always run the risk of your call not being returned until the next business day.
Does the company have the proper credentials and insurance?
Although you would like to think that every emergency plumber who advertises their services online and in print is reputable, some unscrupulous individuals take advantage of 24/7 plumbing services. Knowing that homeowners are likely to make fast and uneducated decisions to receive timely service, companies that are unlicensed and uninsured often advertise overnight, weekend and holiday services. Make sure you ask the plumbing service if they are licensed and fully insured before you let them come to your home or business. Without a license, there’s no guarantee that the company has the correct skills to handle your problem. With no insurance, you could find yourself footing the bill if the plumber’s work inadvertently damages your home or business.
How fast will the plumber arrive? An emergency service that will not visit your home until the following day is not truly offering 24/7 service; they simply answer their phone all day, every day. Look for a company that will handle your needs as soon as possible, no matter when you phone them for service.
Are timely follow-up services available? Some 24/7 plumbing business is limited service providers who perform only emergency repairs. Look for a company that can return to the scene if necessary in the future to complete full repairs. Often, there is an underlying cause for a plumbing issue that may need additional work to remedy. For example, a toilet may have a sudden clog in the pipes that needs removed but also have a weak flush due to tree roots in the pipes that will need to be removed.
Reminder: just because you’re facing an emergency, you shouldn’t be any less careful about whom you choose to make your plumbing repairs in your home or business. The extra minutes that you spend in a crisis choosing the right professional can save you hours of hassle down the road and a lot of money.
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

6 Do It Yourself Ways to Unblock a Drain

Clearing a blocked drain, sink or toilet is always a tough task and a headache. If DIY is your way to go, you'll find this article - a useful home plumbing how to. As with all DIY projects you need to consider all of the alternatives and weigh up the alternatives. It’s always worth trying these useful tips before calling Melbourne 24 Hour Plumbing, Mr. Plumber Sydney or Mr. Plumber Perth

1. The Hot Water Way
If its just soap or fat you could try to unblock it with boiling hot water, but be careful not to burn yourself or melt the sink seal. Using natural enzymes is also a good place to begin, so in the following order try putting 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup bi-carb, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup hot water. This method is perfectly harmless for you, the sink, pipes and the environment and can be repeated as often as needed. However, it will have limited affect on severe drain blockages. Alternatively, your local health food stores or chemist may stock the bacteria based enzyme cleaners, which are also quite successful at unblocking drains, and they often smell quite pleasant too.

2. The Plunger Way
You can't go past the good old fashion plunger to force the blocked drain from clearing. It's the force of the push that forces air through the drainpipe to clear the blockage. Before plunging, cover the overflow with a semi damp cloth to ensure a drain seal and force the air out through the drain blockage. If you have a double kitchen sink make sure you seal the second drain to ensure good pressure. Try this quite a few times before you throw your hands in the air. Many home DIY handyman report this to be one of the most successful methods to unblock a blocked drain.

3. The Snake Way
You can hire a Drain Auger (AKA Plumber's Snake or Electric Eel) from most rental places, however be aware that these require a bit of skill and can be quite dangerous if not used in the right way. These will unblock almost anything, including tree roots. Ensure you wear protective clothing and practice good hygiene after coming in contact with drain fluids. The snake does have the potential to scratch ceramic surfaces of drain plumbing fixtures.

4. The Chemical Way
Many of us have been convinced that you need a full arsenal of chemicals to clear a blocked drain. Drain-O, Hydrochloric Acid or Caustic Soda are commonly used and are available at most hardware stores over the counter. You generally poor the substance down the affected drain, leave for 20-30 minutes (check the instructions), and follow with cold water afterwards. Do not put hot water down immediately after the chemicals as it may spray back up in your face and you will sustain an injury. Follow instructions carefully, and always wear gloves and a breathing mask for safety.

5. No Dangerous Back
A piece of C4 explosive down the blocked drain is guaranteed to remove all blockages, but with some obvious dangerous side effects. You will require some pipe repair.

6. The Quick & Easy Way